Monday Out and About


The weather was so spectacular today that we just had to get out. Since we had no particular plans, we just wandered around the city a bit. We started with a nice outdoor Mediterranean lunch on University, then went to check out a few of this year’s Wall Therapy pieces, and finished up with a geocache and stroll at the Memorial Art Gallery. We may not see temps. above 70 degrees again until May, so we made the most of it.

All images shot with iPhone 6s.

Maize Maze


We spent Saturday afternoon at Long Acre Farms in Macedon. The weather could not have been better for our first corn maze. All things considered, we did pretty well. The average time-in is an hour and a half, which is almost exactly how long it took us. If we hadn’t decided we needed to find the “snack shack,” I think we could have shaved at least 30 minutes off our time. Anika got pretty sick of it after about 1:15 and that “are you tired of getting lost” exit was super tempting, but she decided to push¬†through since we were so close.

Also, cider and doughnuts.

An Evening at the Beach


We took a stroll along the beach last night, and I took the opportunity to test out the camera on my new iPhone 6s. So far, I’m pretty impressed. It’s a little¬†flat out of camera, but easily bumped up. Now I want RAW images!! Anyway, t’was a lovely evening.

Harley Bee Talk


We gave presentations to three ninth grade english classes at Harley today. They are reading The Secret Life of Bees and wanted to learn more about how hive function. The weather was glorious and the bees were on their best behavior. We’re super happy to see the Harley hives worked into the curriculum and are looking forward to getting the students even more involved in the very near future.

A Few Days at the Lake


We spent a week at Loon Lake, which was amazing for my soul. And although I spent most of the time doing non-photo things, I did have a chance to shoot some artsy stuff. I had a great time shooting and editing these. It was quite a change to return to this style of shooting, I forgot how much I enjoy it.


Emmett Frank

We finally got to meet the newest member of the Frank clan today. He was unimpressed by us.

Girls Rock Showcase

This was the culmination of Girls Rock! Rochester 2015. It was a week long camp all about music, empowerment, and acceptance. The girls form bands, write music, practice their instruments, watch local bands perform, and at the end of the week, perform for a couple hundred people at The German House in the South Wedge. It’s an incredible camp and Anika LOVED it. We could not have been happier.